The Short Sale Process

 The Short Sale Action Plan:


We have developed a system to empower home owners to financial freedom and a new beginning. We will provide experienced, "Certified Distressed Property Experts" (CDPE) to expedite the process quickly, effectively and honestly.  We are confident that a short sale will help people who are facing this nationwide epidemic of foreclosures. Our short sale team has successfully empowered many distressed homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama to gain control of their financial situation. Take control of your financial future and start rebuilding a new beginning today.


 Benefits of a Short Sale:


  • Seller avoids foreclosure on credit report
  • No cost to seller, all fees paid by bank
  • Potential release of Deficiency judgments
  • Shorts sale increases cash flow
  • Short sale gives you time to plan your future
  • Enables seller to purchase again
  • Short sale gives peace of mind